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Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of terms and conditions

By accessing and using this service, you agree and accept to be bound by the terms and conditions set here within.

Liability, legal and advertisement

Advertisement of offers

TB will not be held accountable or legally liable for any offers your establishment advertises.

Responsible promotions and minimum alcohol pricing

It is solely the responsibility of your establishment to ensure all the offers you advertise comply with alcohol advertising laws.

Any offers classed as 'irresponsible', must be removed immediately. This can be done in your online account. If you require any help in doing so, you must contact TB immediately. Failure to do so could result in your account being terminated.

TB will not hold any accountability for promotions with incorrect pricing or discounts.

Offers advertising alcohol must comply with minimum pricing regulations. Failure to do so will result in your account being terminated.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to be legally liable for any offers you advertise.

Licensed premises

Your establishment must have the correct licensing in place. It will be understood TB have the right to terminate any account suspected of not having so.

Customer age

TB mobile app does not serve as proof of age. It is your establishments responsibility to carry out appropriate age checks.


Account termination

We reserve the right to terminate any account that we deem to be breaking any laws and or who are not complying with our terms and conditions. TB will remove all your account information from our database.

Account information changes

If you wish to change your account information, please be aware that your account will be temporarily disabled and removed from our mobile app until the updated information has been approved by our administration team.

Privacy policy, marketing and intellectual property

Privacy policy

In compliance with GDPR, TB will only use your account information in order to contact you in regards to the approval of your account or to resolve any technical issues. We require a contact name, phone number and email address and by accepting these terms and conditions, you give consent for TB to contact you.

TB will not pass on any information to third parties. We may use your email and phone number to contact you regarding any of our new products or services.

Our website uses a 265bit SSL encryption system for the protection of all account information provided.


Whilst TB can provide your establishment with promotional material, it is part of this agreement that your establishment will first seek permission from TB directly in order to use our branding in any other way.

Intellectual property

All TB content is owned by BarCode Promotions Ltd. TB website and mobile app are copyright protected. ThatBar is a trademarked name and copyrighted logo.

Notification of changes

TB reserves the right to modify our terms and conditions and at any given time.

Any changes in our terms and conditions will appear the next time you log into your TB account.

If you choose to decline these terms and conditions, your account will be suspended until accepted.