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When your business is quiet, log in to you ThatBar account and instantly promote deals to the mobile app to attract more customers. ThatBar offers a unique instant way of advertising. Increase business awareness and attract more customers. Use our weekly planner to run offers automatically. New customer can find you on Google Maps. Notify users who favourite your business every time you advertise. Local users can see every live promotion. Users can then enter a code when being served.  Once the code has been entered a voucher will appear. The screen will flash black and white for 30 seconds then register the voucher used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the vouchers validated?

Staff will need to check that time and date displayed on each voucher is the same as the time and date of when they are serving the customer.

Can I view how many vouchers have been used?

Yes, just log in to your ThatBar account and view ‘voucher history’.

How many offers can I upload?

As many as you wish.

How much does ThatBar cost after the 3 month trial?

ThatBar has no contract and costs £72 per month per establishment including VAT.