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For the most accurate location, enter the establishment name. If not found, enter the address:

Your establishment profile picture should be well presented and clear. The image must meet the following criteria;

  1. It must be inside or outside the establishment
  2. It must be presentable
  3. It must not be obscene or offensive in any way
  4. It must not promote the act of irresponsible drinking in any way

If any of the above criteria have not been met or for any other reason we deem the photo as inappropriate we will be in contact with you to resolve the issue.


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ThatBar has an interest to try and ensure all promotional offers are deemed accurate, safe, and responsible and that they comply with the law. For any guidance on responsible drinking advertisement you can visit or get in contact with our team

Please note. All responsibility for compliance of advertising within the law lies with the licence holder of the premises, designated premises supervisor or adult authorised by either of the above. Full terms and conditions here.

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